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Weekly blog reflections on scripture applied to our lives.

We believe our call is to love God, love others, and help others love God. We’re taking turns every week reflecting on a passage of scripture and what it brings up for us. If you want to receive each new post via email, subscribe at the bottom of this page.

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Ezekiel 11:14-21

by Kelly Fisher I have to admit that when I saw the reference for this passage, I was disappointed. So much of the juicy stuff in the bible (and the easier to interpret) comes from the New Testament, and here I was, stuck with writing about the Old. With Ezekiel. I have been in and… Continue Reading →

Mark 4: 26-29

How a plant grows and humankind’s role in its growth and harvest.  That is the analogy that Jesus chose to use to help us understand the growth of His kingdom in Mark 4:26-29.  As I thought more and more about this parable, I found myself thinking about the role I play in my own garden… Continue Reading →

1 Kings 19:1-13

Elijah had had a rough couple days.  During a long drought, first he spent a morning scoffing the prophets of baal, an afternoon watching God outperform their gods, and an evening massacring all 450 prophets of baal.  Then he climbed a mountain looking for rain clouds only have to outrun a chariot for about 20… Continue Reading →


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